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The 2017 Back to School Expo is Proud to Present:
Booboo Stewart or “Jay” from Disney’s hit movie
Descendants & Descendants 2


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Booboo Stewart was thrust into the spotlight with his winning the coveted role of Seth Clearwater in the The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010) and reprising the role in both The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011) and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012). At age 10 Booboo began his career as a model, participating in numerous campaigns. He received a record deal at the age of 12 with Walt Disney records-touring with acts such as The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and The Cheetah Girls.  Booboo is an accomplished martial artist - winning two World Championships and being inducted into the Jr Blackbelt Hall of Fame. Booboo is best known for his role as “Jay” in the Disney movie Descendants, which premiered in 2015.  The film showcased a present-day idyllic kingdom where the benevolent teenage son of King Adam and Queen Belle offers a chance of redemption for the trouble making offspring of Disney's classic villains: Cruella De Vil (Carlos), Maleficent (Mal), the Evil Queen (Evie) and Jafar (Jay).   In Descendants 2, Mal goes back to the isle of the lost only to find her archenemy Uma teaming up with Harry the son of Captain Hook and Gil the son of Gaston.



A look back at Back to School Expo special guests

Karan Brar from the hit series “Jessie” and “Bunk’d” along with Kelli Berglund from “Lab Rats” really hit it out of the ballpark with their fans at the 2016 Back to School Expo!

Calum Worthy (Dez) from “Austin & Ally” and Peyton Meyer (Lucas) from “Girl Meets World” stole hearts
at the 2015 Back to School Expo

Peyton List (Emma) from the hit show “Jessie” making an appearance at the 2014 Back to School Expo!

Bella Thorne (CeCe) from Disney’s Hit Show “Shake it Up!” making an appearance atthe 2013 Back to School Expo.

Zendaya Coleman (Rocky) from Disney’s Hit Show “Shake it Up!” making an appearance at the 2012 Back to School Expo.

Noah Munk (Gibby) from the Nickelodeon show, iCarly. Making an appearance at the 2011 Back to School Expo.



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